CPCID change when DCI is running without policies
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CPCID change when DCI is running without policies


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Dynamic Capacity Intelligence


Migrating hardware from z14 to z16, so CPCID changes.

Dynamic Capacity Intelligence (DCI) is used as monitoring tool only and runs in "simulation mode", without any defined policy:

S  ID                               P Description                       Mode    
__ ******                          3 EMPTY POLICY             ACTIVE
__ ******                          3 EMPTY TEST POLICY      ACTTEST

Knowledge article "z14 to z16 migration - DCI requirements" states that CPCID must be changed in Policies List panel of the ISPF interface of DCI. Is any configuration change required in this case, as there are no policies defined?


Release : 2.0


Without a defined policy, all the info about the CPC, GC and SYS definitions are dynamically added by DCI at each check cycle (at 5 minutes boundaries), based on the info received by the Agents that are active on the various LPARs, as documented on DCI1232W and DCI1100I messages explanation. 

Being so, there is no definition to change when you will move the LPARs from z14 to z16 hardware.