Unable to deploy CAS-VA on Azure giving Error -33004
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Unable to deploy CAS-VA on Azure giving Error -33004


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Content Analysis Software CAS-VA


Unable to deploy CAS-VA on Azure, it gives "SecVar No Such Entry[Error -33004]: Variable is not available: SerialNumber"


1. Make sure once JSON parser creates custom data that they are without double escaping \\

You will have to manually remove double escaping \\ only making sure total characters are 63.

Below is the correct JSON parser output:


    "password": "$5$FZbYxCiPpQhwGksJ**********",

    "enable_password": "$5$FZbYxCiPp**********",

    "hostname": "***********",

    "serial_number": "**********"



Wrong JSON parser output with double escaping \\


    "password": "\\$5\\$FZbYxCiPpQhwGks\\J**********",

    "enable_password": "\\$5\\$FZbYxCiPp\\$**********",

    "hostname": "***********",

    "serial_number": "**********"



2. Make sure while deploying VM on Azure you follow exact steps provided from


especially this part of "Creating an image"


Initial Steps
  • On the portal page, locate the
    service (enter
    in the search bar).
  • In the Services list, select the name of the image that you just created.
  • From the OS disk image page, select
    Create VM
  • Each tab contains configuration settings. The following sections provide the settings for each tab.


Creating - "Create a virtual machine" bypassing "Creating an image" at first will cause error to appear at the end of the installation.