Endevor TSO session error  "IKJ79314I ALTLIB terminated"
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Endevor TSO session error  "IKJ79314I ALTLIB terminated"


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When invoking Endevor TSO session, encountered the error:
IKJ79314I ALTLIB terminated

After using Enter key we are able to access Endevor 19.0 without a problem.

Please advise how to eliminate this IKJ79314I message. Is it triggered by BST.NDVRC1.CSIQCLS0(ENDEVORS)?


In the modified ENDEVORS REXX exec the routine "DEFAULTS:" is not correctly configured.
The prefix "BST.NDVRC1" has been set earlier in the variable ProdPfx so the values specified in the section "suffixes for each LIBDEF" need to be DSN suffixes. However, full dataset names have been specified e.g. the SYSPROC variable has been set to "BST.NDVRC1.CSIQCLS0".
So that combination causes the REXX to look for dataset "BST.NDVRC1.BST.NDVRC1.CSIQCLS0". Since it does not exist, it is not allocated.
Later on, the REXX tries to define the assumedly allocated dataset in the TSO ALTLIB command. Since the dataset has not been allocated, ALTLIB fails with IKJ79314I.

Given that ProdPfx is already set to "BST.NDVRC1", to use "BST.NDVRC1.CSIQCLS0" for the ALTLIB concatenation, it is enough to specify SYSPROC = "CSIQCLS0" etc.
In general, the best option is to leave the DSN suffixes as delivered and change only the DSN prefixes.

After changing the "suffixes for each LIBDEF" back to just suffixes the problem was resolved.

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