Required information for Performance Management and Spectrum certification requests
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Required information for Performance Management and Spectrum certification requests


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DX NetOps CA Spectrum CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


What information is needed to process a certification request for either Performance Management or Spectrum?


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1. Category: 

a Device certification

b Device re-certification

c New MIB support for existing certification

d Updating new version of existing MIB

e Others (please specify)

2. Device Vendor:

3. Device Model:

4. Device Firmware/OS version:

5. What is the sysObjectID (Ex: 

6. Is the MIB Walk uploaded to the support case?

6. Are the vendor MIBs uploaded to the support case?

8. What metrics and/or OIDs are sought to be monitored?

9. Which environment is this device deployed in?  (Ex. WAN, Data Center, Campus Network, WLAN, CSP, SDN, Broadband, 5G)

10. What analysis are you applying this SNMP certification to?  (Ex. Noise reduction, proactive alerting, SLA reporting)

11. Approximately how many devices will be using this certification?

12. Are these devices part of the next-generation architecture?

Additional Information

A Certification Request cannot be submitted for review by our Certification Development team until all of the above items have been provided. Due to the volume of Certification Requests received by our Technical Support and Certification teams, this request will remain open for 10 days from the initial submission. If, after those 10 days, all of the required information is not provided, this issue will be closed as unresolved. 

If, at a future date, you wish to revisit the Certification Request, please open a new case and submit all required information.  If you are having technical difficulties obtaining the required information or are aware of factors that may result in a delay in providing this information, please get in touch with the DX NetOps Technical Support team at your earliest convenience.  A completed certification request can take up to 90 to complete.  It will be included in the next even (x.2, x.4, etc.) monthly update for DX Netops.  If you need to check the progress, please open a new case and state the closed case reference that references the submitted certification request.