APM Cloud Proxy - Fixes and Enhancements
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APM Cloud Proxy - Fixes and Enhancements


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What are list of fixes and features between APM clod proxy version and 2023.5.1.13 ?


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In 23.5.1

  • F128395 - CloudProxy should support trace ingestion APIs 
  • F134855 - CloudProxy ingestion API - alarm events


NOTE: F128395 and F134855 are related to internal routing of trace and alarm information. It doesn't affect what users face, those are internal improvements that bring more stability and reliability of the connections that go via the proxy.

In 22.8




Defect ID Description
DE563363 [single_cloud_proxy_10k_agents]  GC count is very high  compared to the regular run
DE560148 Showing wrong em port when we connect agent through cloud proxy via 'ws' and 'wss'
DE557321 23.1 : [Cloud Proxy Linux] - Not able to start the second instance of cloud proxy in same Linux machine by changing the port numbers in application.yml file
DE548350 Doc BUG-DXS-APM-CloudProxy - Tile in wrong group



DE554963 [DOC] Data created on workstation is not replicated on ATC view when workstation is connected via Cloud Proxy
DE554535 [DOC] Cloud Proxy port not changing under agent EM port in Metric view when port is changed in application yml file
DE551350 Fix - CloudProxy Reporting negative metric value for ""Active connections count""
DE551006 22.8 Cloud proxy:  User defined exception when we don't provide the space for the apm.server.id value in application.yml



DE540582 Cloud Proxy flagged for Security Vulnerabilities with Spring Framework
DE527947 log4j vulnerabilities - CVE-2021-44832 - Cloud Proxy

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