Configure a monitoring point by USB - AppNeta
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Configure a monitoring point by USB - AppNeta


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How do we configure a monitoring point by USB?


AppNeta monitoring points can be configured in various ways, through the webui, through command line interface over console or ssh, or by using a USB.

Initial configuration (or provisioning) for appliances is often performed using USB, and is enabled in its default state. 
However, after the appliance has been initially configured, USB Configuration is then disabled for security purposes.  These setting can be re-enabled if you require configuring the appliance.


The setting can be found through the monitoring points API.  In order to access the API, you must be using the appliance LAN IP address, these changes can not be made through the AppNeta Reverse Proxy.

1.  Access the monitoring point's LAN IP  -  http://<Private IP of Monitoring Point>
2.  Log into the monitoring point using the Username and Password
3.  Open the API:

4. Navigate to the Appliance > PUT /appliance/usb.

5.  Click the Try it Out button

6.  Change the parameter -   "usb_configuration": true
This will ensure that USB can be read to configure the appliance

7.  Click the execute button below:  The Server response section should show Code "200" to confirm that the configuration was accepted.


Additional Information

As needed, you can change the settings back to false to reverse the change