DX NetOps CA Performance Management (CAPM) Metric Projection reports
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DX NetOps CA Performance Management (CAPM) Metric Projection reports


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DX NetOps CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


Monitoring several thousand SNMP polled devices in DX NetOps CA Performance Management (CAPM) and looking at configuring the projection reports. As per the TechDocs, these are not enabled by default:

TechDocs : DX NetOps CAPM 22.2 : Metric Projections

How far out can NetOps CAPM calculate projections, since the documentation only mentions projection time frames up to 20, 60 and 180 days? Can it go longer? And what extra system resources are needed to cope with this?


DX NetOps CAPM Release : 22.2 or later


You can actually set the projection for up to 730 days from current date when you edit the metric you're interested in:

Projections will increase the baseline/rollup time, as CAPM will have to also calculate those projections.

But with regards to storage, then if it's just a few metrics, it will increase the storage somewhat but not by a hugely significant amount. The DA will rollup the data generated for the projections as per the rollup settings so it should only take a few % extra, even for a 1000 interfaces. 

But if you do it for dozens of metrics multiplied by a 1000 for each interface, then you're probably looking at adding several GBs extra of storage for the projections tables since we keep 45 days worth of raw data by default, so it can end up being quite a lot.