Operator Console deleting devices using API calls
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Operator Console deleting devices using API calls


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


When deleting devices from UIM I delete them from inventory from within OC at which point I am prompted with three options:

1. prevent rediscovery

2. acknowledge alarms

3. delete measurements

I would like to perform a device deletion action using scripts that make API calls.  Is it possible to perform a delete through all API calls [and] perform these three options?



Release : 20.4


The swagger UIM API Documentation (http://<hostname>:<port>/uimapi/swagger-ui/index.html), has the following:


There aren't any API calls to delete metrics.  To add this functionality would be an enhancement request.  Also note that metrics for deleted devices will be deleted after the retention period expires, so they will be automatically removed after the retention period set in the data_engine probe.