Missing values for CICS JVM Server metrics from Sysview in MOI
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Missing values for CICS JVM Server metrics from Sysview in MOI


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


I am trying to set up the data feed for CICS JVMServer metrics from Sysview to MOI. Not all metrics are showing values.


Release : 17.0


SYSVIEW needs to have data for these metrics in order to send to MOI


There are metrics for CICS JVMs that can be enabled for TSD in Sysview but will not send any data to MOI (0s for Count MOI2 and not found result in the GRAPH command)

If you don't see data when issuing the GRAPH command, then SYSVIEW has no data for that metric to send to MOI.
About half of these JVM-related metrics are only valid for CICS TS 6.1 and above, as evidenced by the C75, C74, etc. fields on the METRICS display. Since your region is CICS TS 5.6 (field C73) those metrics won't exist in your region. Issuing METRICS CICS THRESH;SELECT GROUP EQ CICSJVMS AND C73 NB shows 15 metrics available for CICS TS 5.6, which matches the number you are receiving data for in MOI. That is why you get the below msg when trying to GRAPH the others:
GRPH002E Requested metric was not found 

If more detail is needed, issue the CAPTURE GSVXTSD command within SYSVIEW.   Then from the CAPLIST find the associated CapDsname dataset and transmit it teresed in binary format to a new case to engage SYSVIEW support.