Latest security patch generates MYSQL Warnings 'mysql_native_password' is deprecated
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Latest security patch generates MYSQL Warnings 'mysql_native_password' is deprecated


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CA API Gateway


The latest security patch is generating an error due to the way SQL users have been created. The error message: "[Warning] [MY-013360] [Server] Plugin mysql_native_password reported: 'mysql_native_password' is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Please use caching_sha2_password instead" is being displayed. This is caused by the MySQL patch (MySQL 8.0.34, released on 2023-07-18, General Availability) which is part of the "Layer7_API_PlatformUpdate_64bit_v10.X-CentOS-2023-07-25" patch.  

  • The mysql_native_password authentication plugin now is deprecated and subject to removal in a future version of MySQL. CREATE USERALTER USER, and SET PASSWORD operations now insert a deprecation warning into the server error log if an account attempts to authenticate using mysql_native_password as an authentication method. (Bug #35336317)


API Gateway 10.1


The Gateway documentation has been updated with some steps to switch MySQL to use "caching_sha2_password" by default: Using MySQL 8.0 with the Gateway

Existing users needs to be updated in the database and you need to set the password again. To make this switch, follow these steps:

1) In the /etc/my.cnf file, update the following parameter and value from:




2) To ensure that existing Gateway MySQL users are assigned the caching_sha2_password plugin for encryption, use the ALTER USER command.

For example:

ALTER USER 'someuser'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED WITH caching_sha2_password BY 'somepassword';

Restart the MySQL database and Gateway for the changes to take effect.

As temporary solution, you can suppress the warning message  from the mysqld.log  .

Edit /etc/my.cnf and add below line under [mysqld] section:


           an example of how it should like after change:

 Then restart MySQL service to allow new settings to take effect.