XCOM 12.0 maintenance fails - CBXGXML "COULD NOT BE FOUND"
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XCOM 12.0 maintenance fails - CBXGXML "COULD NOT BE FOUND"


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Attempting to apply maintenance to XCOM for z/OS 12.0.
We are attempting to apply maintenance via TSS100.XCOM.R120.SMPCSI.CSI but get repeated errors that TSS100.XCOM.R120.CBXGXML is missing.
It appears that the earlier copy of this data set was deleted. How might we resolve this without doing a base install?


XCOM™ Data Transport® for z/OS


The CBXGXML library contains an XML informational member for every fix that has been applied to XCOM 12.0.
It is only used by the Product PTF Analysis facility of SYSVIEW, so if that facility is not needed there is no need to recover its content. 
However, since SMP/E has a DDDEF for CBXGXML, the data set MUST be present in order to apply any PTFs going forward.
There are also 2 "catchup" PTFs that will add the XML definitions for all XCOM PTFs up to the point in time where the catch-up PTFs were created. Those PTFs are LU07054 and LU07055.

To move forward, simply allocate a new PDSE data set with the same characteristics as the XCOM data set ABXGXML and copy its contents into the CBXGXML version.
If there is also no valid ABXGXML data set, allocate a CBXGXML PDSE with LRECL=512, BLKSIZE=32760, RECFM=VB and move forward.

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