Configure 3rd party SSL certificate in PAM
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Configure 3rd party SSL certificate in PAM


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CA Process Automation Base


The following article summarizes additional information needed to implement SSL for Process Automation 4.4 using a third party SSL certificate.

Note:  By default, PAM comes with a self-signed SSL certificate which may need to be replaced depending on needs.


Release : 4.4

CA Process Automation


Reviewing the existing documentation, Configure Custom Certificates and Password Vault (Wildfly), please bear in mind:

  • Include the following 2 options in the oasisconfig properties file, with their corresponding value:  itpam.custom.web.keystorepath and itpam.custom.web.keystorealias

  • Modify the standalone-full-ha.xml file, by commenting the line with ITPAM Self Signed certificate option and uncommenting the line with the ITPAM Custom certificate option and entering the keystore password in plain text.

Additional Information

See also:

KB Article 9473:  Steps to use a custom certificate in PAM that does not allow for jar signing.

Documentation:  OasisConfig.Properties Reference