Mismatch between 'Staffing' Workspace and 'Capacity vs Demand' report
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Mismatch between 'Staffing' Workspace and 'Capacity vs Demand' report


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There is an out of the box Jaspersoft report called "Capacity vs. Demand by Resource". This report is executed for a certain time range. The values against "Allocations / Demand" row are compared with those displayed in the Modern UX's Staffing (Plan) workspace / view. It is then noticed that the values in these two places do not match.

For example, if under "Allocations by Month", in the report, if the value shows as 84 for July 2023, then for that same period, in the "Allocations Timeline", in Modern UX, the value that gets show is 115.


Monthly fiscal periods that do not start and end at the beginning and ending of a month. For example, July 2023 is defined as beginning on 26th June and ending on 28th of July.

Note: Fiscal Periods are defined at Administration -> Setup -> Entities -> Click on a specific entity ->Fiscal Periods tab.


If by business requirement monthly fiscal periods are defined like this, then mismatches in values is expected. This is because of the different ways in which these two places in the application determine how the monthly values are to be displayed.

The 'Staffing Workspace' shows values based on the start and end dates defined in the monthly fiscal periods.

The 'Capacity vs. Demand by Resource' Jaspersoft report shows values based on the start and end dates of a calendar month. In other words, values are fetched always beginning on the first of a month, till the end of that month.