Save Button Greyed Out for Recallable Report after Dispatch Migration
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Save Button Greyed Out for Recallable Report after Dispatch Migration


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Output Management Web Viewer Dispatch Output Mgmt MM Output (View/Deliver)


Migrating from Dispatch to View Deliver. Migration tools have been run to create a View data base containing the Dispatch historic meta data. Some reports have been loaded back via batch and all works fine.  Some of these tape reports have been converted to View and some have not and are still in View as foreign tapes.

Automation has been set up to pick-up message CAHATPR02 that is issued when a report is on tape and needs recalling. As these are reports being moved from Dispatch to View, the automation process submits the SARJCL9 job (as supplied as part of the migration tools) and not the standard SARJCL1 member. All this process works fine, the report line are migrated to View and the report can be viewed successfully via the Web Viewer. But, for some reason, the 'SAVE' button is greyed out. The PRINT, EMAIL, EXPORT buttons appear fine. This only seems to happen with reports that have been recalled using this process and are marked as 'recallable'.     


Release :  12.1 14.0

Web Viewer

View Deliver

Dispatch 11.6, 11.7



There are Dispatch reports in the View database on tape. The tape reports already converted to View are accessible directly via EAS.  However, the ones not converted (foreign tapes) are not accessible via EAS and need to be recalled to disk so they can be opened. As these reports are all in the same View database there is a requirement to have both EAS and recallable set for the repository in Web Viewer, which is not currently possible.


The work around here is to define the same View database as two different repositories in Web Viewer (one set to EAS and one set to recallable).  For the tape reports converted to View they can be accessed directly via EAS using the repository set to EAS.  For the ones not converted (foreign tapes) users can go to the repository defined as recallable and initiate the recall process.  If they are not sure they can try the report first in the EAS repository and if the open fails go to the recallable repository to recall the report.

Additional Information

Note - This would be the same workaround for all foreign tapes. This workaround should work in Web Viewer 12.1 also.