Limit Clarity or Rally login to company network/vpn?
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Limit Clarity or Rally login to company network/vpn?


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Clarity PPM SaaS


Can we set up Clarity/Rally SaaS environments so people are only able to access the environments through our company network whether in one of our company buildings or using our company VPN? 


Release : 16.1.2


Clarity - Controlling the Clarity login a routing rule that can be used to force all domain users to login via IDP. Broadcom can put in place a routing rule. In this scenario the business user cannot login as it redirects to your company IDP and if your IDP is hidden from internet then the user can not login outside the company network. To implement routing rule Broadcom will need the following information:
Applications User is accessing : (All or just Clarity)
Domain list on login:  (Only owned by customer)
Use which identity provider: Only 1 IDP can be used to control

Rally - A subscription admin can set IP restrictions in the subscription settings to only allow logins from particular IP addresses. Customer could make it so they only allow logins from the VPN IPs and/or the company network (Recommend opening Rally Support Ticket for guidance)