KAFKA Connection Checker Utility for DEVTEST
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KAFKA Connection Checker Utility for DEVTEST


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Service Virtualization


Trying to test SSL Kafka connection with DEVTEST  and we are seeing Timeout errors  while fetching topic

But the root cause is not clear. 


| Exception: 
| Message:     Asset KafkaKeyStore is being closed while still active.

2023-06-16T14:34:24,659Z (10:34) [SwingWorker-pool-8-thread-10] ERROR com.itko.lisa.asset.ui.ProgressLog - Error executing operation Error listing topics: Timeout expired while fetching topic metadata
com.itko.lisa.test.LisaException: Error listing topics: Timeout expired while fetching topic metadata
    at com.itko.lisa.messaging.providers.kafka.asset.KafkaUtils.listTopics(KafkaUtils.java:486) ~[lisa-esb-10.7.2.jar:?]
    at com.itko.lisa.messaging.providers.kafka.asset.KafkaUtils.verifyConnection(KafkaUtils.java:506) ~[lisa-esb-10.7.2.ja




* DevTest 10.7.2 or later
* Kafka 7.0.1 and other supported versions


1. Firewall Issues

2. User not aware of the port SSL is running, and on which port SASL_SSL running.

3. User doesn't have a proper valid Keystore and Truststore. The SSL errors will reflect that. 


To troubleshoot the ambiguity in the error message, we have a utility that lets you connect to a Kafka server outside of DEVTEST. 

This is a standalone utility and this tool currently supports SSL-based connections. 

This Utility is a jar file KafkaConnectionChecker.jar. You can download this jar from the attachment in the KB article: KafkaConnectionChecker.zip

Steps to follow:

Step1. Unzip the attachment and save it in a location where DEVTEST is installed. 

Step2: Change the values of config.properties to point to your Kafka server and provide the SSL keystore location too. 

Step3: execute the commnad
        > java -jar KafkaConnectionChecker.jar "<Actual path of config.properties>"


If everything is right; it will make the connection with the Kafka server and fetch the number of topics created in the respective Kafka Server.



KafkaConnectionChecker_1691597768299.zip get_app