Optional bit 52 in RHDCOPTF
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Optional bit 52 in RHDCOPTF


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This article describes the functionality of optional bit 52 in RHDCOPTF.


Release : All supported releases.


The following is the default functionality (i.e. what happens when bit 52 is not enabled).

The SYSIN/SYSOUT line driver (RHDCD07Q) supports IDMS/DC userid extraction. The jobcard of the submitted JCL is scanned for the presence of a "USER=" parameter and, if found, the userid currently signed on to IDMS is substituted. If no "USER=" parameter is found or if no user is signed on, the job is purged. If both are found, there must be space on the jobcard to fit the userid or the job is purged. Due to JCL restrictions, only the first eight characters of the userid will be used.

If optional bit 52 is enabled, this functionality is suppressed and the jobcard is left unchanged.

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