SQLPA SQL Performance Analyzer fails with RC=0100 on startup
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SQLPA SQL Performance Analyzer fails with RC=0100 on startup


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Starting the Datacom SQL Performance Analyzer (SQLPA) fails with RC=0100 and messages:


2023-08-04 08:07:20.509 ERROR 83886485 --- [           main] c.b.d.s.g.c.SqlData SourceConfiguration   : Error loading data sources '

com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.JsonMappingException: while scanning a quoted scalar

in 'reader', line 3, column 10:

        url: "jdbc:datacom://hostname:5466/Se ...


found unexpected end of stream

in 'reader', line 5, column 1:


at [Source: (File); line: 3, column: 8] (through reference chain: com.broadcom.

ration$SqlDataSources["dataSources"]->java.lang.Object[][0])' from 'config/datas



Release : 15.1


The problem is a syntax error in the datasources.yml file.

In this case an ending quote is missing in the url for the datasource. The url must start and end with double quotes:

  - name: default
    url: "jdbc:datacom://hostname:5466/ServerName=DCM_SERVER,ApplicationID=DCM_SERVER,ConnectType=TCP"

Also the word hostname has to be replaced with the ip address or the host name of the z/OS LPAR where Datacom Server is running on.

Additional Information

See the Datacom documentation section Configure the SQL Performance Analyzer