Export to CSV - column order for 'Totals' fields is incorrect.
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Export to CSV - column order for 'Totals' fields is incorrect.


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In the Cost Plan, the ordering of the "Totals" columns after exporting to CSV does not match the ordering on the screen/in my view. For example, if I have the Totals appearing on the far right in my view, the export always displays them to the far left, after the Grouping Attributes

View Layout:

Export to CSV Output, notice Totals column is on the left:

Steps to Reproduce: 

1. Navigate to MUX -> Projects.
2. Open a project and click on Financials tab.
3. Create a Cost plan or use an existing Cost Plan.
4. Go to Details of the cost plan and add Cost, Actual Cost or any other Per-Period Metric and set Totals as Sum of Periods.
5. Attempt to Export to CSV
6. Totals column will be on the far left side versus the right side as dislayed in UI.

Expected Results: Totals column should be on the right side as displayed in UI.

Actual Results: Totals column is on the left side.


Release : 16.1.2


DE77257, Implemented in Release 16.2.2. The Export to CSV now supports pinned columns and will be exported in the position where they are pinned.