Session Log Export Results in DownloadLogServlet File Name
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Session Log Export Results in DownloadLogServlet File Name


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CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


When trying to download the session logs from one appliance within the cluster, the GUI shows DownloadLogServlet instead of the normal CSV file name. The logs cannot be downloaded as part of regular auditing


Privileged Access Manager, all versions


This behavior will occur when the function which downloads the session logs runs out of memory due to a large number of logs. In this case, the session logs were not configured for automatic purging, so the logs were at the maximum number allowed by the database. If the session logs contain a large amount of details, this leads to excess memory being used when querying the database to collect the logs.


To get the logs to download, older entries must be purged to clear up space. Go to Configuration > Logs > Manual Log Purge, then click a date you keep logs until and click Purge to clear the logs. Optionally, select "Purge All Members in This Site" so all appliances in that particular cluster site will have their logs cleaned up as well, saving more space.

To maintain a healthy session log size, configure the log purge by going to Configuration > Logs > Automatic Log Purge, then click the checkbox to enable the schedule. Change the Purge Interval to a number of days suitable for your environment, then click Update to save.


Note that this will purge all session logs on a given server every 30 days, rather than keep the most recent 30 days of logs at the time the purge runs, and a node reboot will reset the timer.

Additional Information

For more information about purging session logs automatically, please refer to the following section of the documentation.