ERROR 2 Pipe returned error starting Service Manager
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ERROR 2 Pipe returned error starting Service Manager


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Upon installing the ucybsmgr on Linux, the ini-file is being populated without a line break with the following entry:


When attempting to use the ucybsmcl tool with the following command:

[abc bin]# ./ucybsmcl -c GET_PROCESS_LIST -h localhost:8871 -n abc

The output displays the following error messages:

"Warning: Service Manager communication could not be established in secure mode!
Outdated Service Manager in use or Service Manager with missing CAPKI installation.
ERROR 2 Pipe returned error."







Release : 21.0.7 Service Manager

Service Manager, on Debian - Fidora based Linux like  Ubuntu operating systems.



Appending the "use_capki=y" field without new line, causes the error.


Modifying the ini-config-file by manually adding a new line after "use_capki=y" resolves the problem.

This issue is fixed in version 21.0.9 which is now GA and can be downloaded from