Automation Point Remote Viewer fails to connect from client
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Automation Point Remote Viewer fails to connect from client


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Have configured Automation Point (AP) to use Remote Viewer with no security to test but cannot connect to the Remote Manager using a remote client. Receive message:
AXC2110E Remote Manager on host is not running

The connection is successful when running Remote Viewer from the AP Server machine and the expected "AP Msg Call" Window is displayed.
Do any other ports need to be open within the network and firewalls besides 5500?


1. Per the article What are the ports used by CA Automation Point?, only port 5500 should need to be opened on the AP Server for the remote client AP Remote Viewer to have a successful connection to the AP Server Remote Manager.

2. Support tested in-house and initially received the same failed connection on the remote client.
On the AP Server, Support had to use the Windows Defender Firewall "Advanced Settings" to add an Inbound rule for TCP port 5500 (all remote ports).
That resolved the connection problem and the expected "AP Msg Call" Window was then displayed.

The Windows Defender Firewall change also resolved the reported problem.

Additional Information


To test that the firewall is open to the AP Server port 5500, the Windows Telnet Client can be used from a command prompt on the client machine. Only if the firewall is open for AP Server port 5000 will a telnet connection to it be successful.
The Windows Telnet Client feature can be enabled under "Control Panel\Programs and Features" and then use "Turn Windows Features on or off".

Run the telnet command using either the AP Server IP address or its DNS resolvable hostname i.e.
telnet AP_Server_hostname 5500  
a. If the telnet connection is successful the command prompt will clear and then need to use key sequence 'CTRL ]' to get this text displayed:
Welcome to Microsoft Telnet Client

Escape Character is 'CTRL+]'

Microsoft Telnet>
Then use q to quit.
b. If the telnet connection does not complete then this error will be received when it times out:
Connecting To AP_server_hostname...Could not open connection to the host, on port 5500: Connect failed

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