Using Gen 8.6 Linux CSE with a remote Oracle database
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Using Gen 8.6 Linux CSE with a remote Oracle database


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Does the Gen 8.6 CSE Oracle database need to reside on the same Linux server as where the CSE software is installed or can a remote Oracle database be used?


In the Gen 8.6 documentation under Client Server Encyclopedia Administration, after "Optimize Disk Usage" there is this note:
While it is possible to configure the CSE environment such that the database is on a different physical machine, it is not a recommended configuration for performance reasons. The architecture of the normal execution of the CSE process is such that there are many individual messages that are passed between the CSE process and the database process. This leads to performance issues because any network latency between the two machines is multiplied by the number of requests made. If the current configuration is necessary, then care must be taken to ensure that the communications infrastructure between the two machines is as quick as possible."

That advice would apply to any Gen CSE using Oracle (Windows, UNIX/Linux) or SQL Server (Windows).
However, with improved modern-day network bandwidths and thus reduced network latency, using a remote database may still give good/adequate performance, especially if the database is residing on a dedicated VM that is tuned particularly for good database performance and that cannot be achieved on the VM where the CSE software is installed.
Due to environment-specific conditions, testing the CSE performance for both local and remote database options would be the recommendation.

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