Software Installs on macOS are failing with return code (1) Operation not permitted
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Software Installs on macOS are failing with return code (1) Operation not permitted


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Customer is encountering some issues particularly with two pieces of software from the Adobe suite (Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Premiere Pro) installing from Altiris onto macOS.  It’s a very strange issue because customer can deliver about 15 other Adobe titles from Altiris without issue, just not those two. When the task is sent through Altiris a return code (1) Operation not permitted is returned. I’ve attached a log file that has the error message in it, but it doesn’t seem very informative.

Manual installs of  the software work fine.

Customer redownloaded the software from Adobe several times to ensure it wasn’t a corrupt installer.

All the other Adobe software customer delivers are configured and downloaded the same way from Adobe.

Customer tried several different credentials for the install task, Symantec management agent credentials, root, system admin, currently logged on user.  And none make a difference.

Customer ensured the Symantec management agent has full disk access, given terminal full disk access, even disabling SIP did not make a difference

The macOS is Ventura

Do you know of anyway to get more information about what operation Altiris is trying to do that is returning operation not permitted?

Command line is:' -e '_AC64_v23_MuNL\Build\_AC64_v23_MuNL_Install.pkg


Release : 8.x


Symantec does not "support" creating custom install packages from manufacturers.  We provide tips for install, but leave it to the software manufacturer to provide support and guidance on the installation of their package. We were able to capture some information from what the customer did to make this successful install, and thought we'd share that information with others.

More progress was made when using MacOS to stage and prepare the package.  Some security issues were also found on Ventura "it seems to be part of the default security in place on macOS".


Customer had to take the source file from Adobe and strip it down to just the .pkg files and then wrap it into a .dmg file.