GetApplicationPathFailed "Undefined Resource" error trying to set application path
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GetApplicationPathFailed "Undefined Resource" error trying to set application path


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CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


We have PuTTY, SecureCRT and WinSCP services configured in PAM. We used the most common path for the installation of these clients, but there are always some users that have it installed in a different path and need to set their own local application string by clicking on the "Set or Change local application" link in the secure tunnel popup seen when the application is launched.
This used to work but is broken after the upgrade to 4.1.3. Clicking on the link results in the following error. It is possible afterwards to paste text into the "Path to Application" text field, but PAM will not save it.

Error: GetApplicationPathFailed "Undefined Resource": Cannot read properties of null (reading 'setValue')


Privileged Access Manager 4.1.3


The problem is related to enhancement New Option to Hide "View Credential" Link From Users Accessing a TCP/UDP Service from the Access Panel in 4.1.3. Another change was needed to make setting of the new application path compatible with the new feature.


This problem will be fixed in 4.1.4+. If you need a fix on top of 4.1.3, please open a case with PAM Support