Enabling the Secure LDAP on SpanVA
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Enabling the Secure LDAP on SpanVA


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You may want to enable the secure LDAP or LDAPS on SPANVA


On the the Directory Sync page Configure Connection tab. If you want to use Secure LDAP (LDAPS), enable the LDAPS slider.


Enter the URL or IP address of the directory server,  If you enable LDAPS as described in the preceding, make
sure that the protocol in the URL or IP address reads "ldaps://" 

Enter the administrator username and password that SpanVA uses to login to the
directory server.

If you are using LDAPS and you also want to use certificate authentication, upload
the client and server CA certificates with the applicable boxes


Click Test Connection.

SpanVA attempts to connect with the LDAP server using the information and credentials
you entered. If the connection succeeds, SpanVA shows "Connection Confirmed" as
shown in the following.

If the connection test fails, make sure that the information is correct and try again. 

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