Select Task Modal display on MAC Cuts off Buttons
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Select Task Modal display on MAC Cuts off Buttons


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SUMMARY: When MAC Laptop  with resolution maxed at the 'More Space' setting. When opening the Select Task Modal, the page is cut off and the Cancel and Add buttons do not show.


1. Using a 16-inch M1 Mac Book pro (2021). With resolution maxed at the “More Space” setting. 

2. Open a timesheet

3. Select Tasks (modal opens)

Expected Results:  Cancel and Add buttons show on the bottom right

Actual Results:  Bottom is cut off and no buttons appear


When moving the modal from a widescreen where the buttons do show over to the laptop the buttons are cut off again.

Workaround:  Change Resolution or zoom out.  Zoom out makes the text too small



Release : 16.1.2


Reported as DE76649


DE76649 is being reviewed by engineering.

Other modal (popup screens) may also have the issue