AS 400 robot not working properly
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AS 400 robot not working properly


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We have added an IBM Power10 to our stack, and for software we have replicated the iSeries AS 400 V7Rx OS from a production server (server1 on a Power7). This production server has a DXUIM robot pointing to our DXUIM production environment, and is still running, reporting and monitoring.

The new server (IBM Power10 with AS 400 V7Rx, and the same robot configuration as server1) we want to connect to our DXUIM QA environment. To achieve this:

- Stopped the nimbus service running on the new server.
- Modified the robot.cfg, changing domain, hub, hubrobotname, hubrobotip, robotname, robotip.
- Removed all the files from the niscache folder. 
- Started the nimbus service again.

But there is a problem: the robot is not taking the new IP, and therefore no probes are working correctly (probes inherited from server1), the IP of the new robot shown in IM is the server1 robot, not the one assigned for the new robot.

ignore_ip in the hub is enabled, and the Disable IP Validation option is also enabled.


  • Release: 20.4


  • There is an ACL permission in the AS400


  • probes would not start due to an AS400 acl issue. AS400 team resolved ACL permissions. Contact your AS400 admins if you have this issue.