Populating Additional ServiceNow Tables in ConnectALL
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Populating Additional ServiceNow Tables in ConnectALL


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While creating automation in ConnectALL with any adapter(Snow, Jira etc) there are some standard issue types populated on the Entity Mapping screen.
In case of ServiceNow, they are tables.What if someone wants to sync the data across from one of the customer table, which won't populate in Entity Type drop-down for ServiceNow.
This article will cover the process of adding those additional tables in properties file to get the available on Entity Mapping screen so that we can use them to sync the data across to the destination.


Release : 2.11


  1. Stop ConnectALL core services
  2. Navigate to MULE_HOME\conf directory
  3. Edit ServiceNowTables.properties and look for property entity.types
  4. Uncomment if commented and add the value(table name) which you need to populate on Entity Mapping screen while creating integration. You can add multiple tables separated by comma. See screen capture below.
  5. Save the changes and restart ConnectALL core services.
  6. Try to create an automation and validate the newly added tables are populating in Entity type drop-down.




Additional Information

PS: for 2.10.x version, you will be able to add only one table.