A2A Client Unable to Pull Alias Credentials Error 405
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A2A Client Unable to Pull Alias Credentials Error 405


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CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


We have deployed an A2A client on a Linux server and registered it with PAM successfully. When we try to get it to run any test scripts or the example scripts, we only get an error 405 back from the attempt.


Privileged Access Manager 4.1


The root cause seems to be an issue with your Credential\Mapping.  Three major parts to A2A configuration and PAM. 

1. Alias needs to exist (it does here)
2. Need to authorize the script that needs to run (I believe this has been configured)
3. Need to authorize the alias where you link the machine with the script and the alias. (see below)

Under Credential\Mappings you will see who is authorized. What target alias it will talk to.  I used testA2A1 can be run by <IP> server.  Click the search for the Scripts and confirm the mapping to your script. What target alias is it going to talk to? It seems your alias here, under Credential\Mapping is what is causing the issue. The target alias does not exist or incorrect.  When I set to incorrect alias, an alias not available in Credential\Mapping. So in my test you see

testA2A1 which returns 400 and testA2A12 which is not set in the mapping which returns the 405 you are experiencing.