Need reports sent one at a time per job
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Need reports sent one at a time per job


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Dispatch Output Mgmt


Recently migrated to Esker on demand in the distributed side.

Ca Dispatch running in the mainframe sends reports to Esker on demand via VPS software.

The reports from  Ca Dispatch are now going in a bundle to Esker on demand.

Want to send the reports one at a time per job to Esker on demand from Ca Dispatch.


Release : 11.7


From a Ca Dispatch perspective you should review the Report Recipient Definition Screen, Reports (VRDMU130)  and specifically the Release Flag field - if you set this value to T the report is in its own bundle 

T—Release the entire maildrop bundle separa(T)ely. The bundle preceding this
report is closed and released before this report is placed in its bundle. That is,
active bundles for this maildrop are released both before AND after this report
is processed. This report is in its OWN bundle

Consider this parameter.