FALLBACK messages do not show up in JVM logs
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FALLBACK messages do not show up in JVM logs


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Trusted Access Manager for Mainframe


Fallback messages (FALLBACK through ACF2) which are supposed to be logged in JVM do not appear on LPAR running ACF2 Security.

Normally should see messages:

623  - TAM0002E: NIM server could not be reached.
1  - Successfully enabled Fallback validation
401  - Could not contact Service Desk defaulting to Fallback Authe
405  - Fallback Authentication Passed

But LPAR running ACF2 Security only showing TAM0002E message but not the other messages above.




Release : 1.1


Confirm that the SJVSTC task is profiled to perform at the TRACE log level.

The "Fallback Authentication Passed" and "Fallback Authentication Failed" messages, which follow the invocation of the fallback routines, are currently TRACE level messages, and are emitted only at this level of logging. Any other lower level (OFF, FATAL, ERROR, WARN, INFO, DEBUG) will suppress them.

The config line prescribing the log level (in the logback.xml file located in the SJVM's USS dir, towards the end of the file) is:

<root level="TRACE">


Please note if the log level setting is changed, the SJVSTC task has to be bounced for the new value to take effect.