PAM Client on MacOS with Apple Chips (ARM64)
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PAM Client on MacOS with Apple Chips (ARM64)


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CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


In PAM 4.1.3 we came out with a separate installer for MacOS OS's that now have Apple Chips (M1,M2) in them, instead of Intel.  

The installation goes fine, however when attempting to RDP to any Windows server they get the error:

ERROR - Error type: UnsatisfiedLinkError. Error message: /private/var/folders/2q/q723prjx4ssd6rxtylknrk0h0000gp/T/<user directory>jna13744968982397320606.tmp: dlopen(/private/var/folders/2q/q723prjx4ssd6rxtylknrk0h0000gp/T/<username>/jna13744968982397320606.tmp, 0x0001): tried: '/private/var/folders/2q/q723prjx4ssd6rxtylknrk0h0000gp/T/<user directory>jna13744968982397320606.tmp' (fat file, but missing compatible architecture (have 'i386,x86_64,unknown', need 'arm64')), 


Release : 4.1.3


There is a compatibility problem with a third-party Java library included in the PAM client and the ARM64 architecture.


The problem is resolved in PAM 4.1.5.

As a workaround you can either:

  • Uninstall the ARM64 version and use the Intel version of the PAM client installer for MAC. It should work even on ARM64 hardware.
  • If that doesn't work than installing and enabling Rosetta, as per

to resolve the compatibility problems between Intel and M2-developed software for MAC