What are the impacts of not using the Department OBS field?
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What are the impacts of not using the Department OBS field?


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We want to utilize a different field other than department OBS for some reporting purposes and planned to stop using department OBS going forward.

What impacts will this have if we stop using the department OBS field?


Release : 16.1.2


The department OBS is used for Financial Transactions.  Resources and Investments cannot be financially active without a Department OBS (Financial Department)

Transactions cannot be processed without having one.

The Department cannot be deleted if it is being used somewhere.

The associated OBS cannot be deactivated either.

If you are using financials or need the Department OBS but  you do not want users to see the field, you can make it hidden, but you will need to populate it with a default.

If the field has a default, any newly created  resources or investments will use that default value which may or may not be feasible.  If you are using Department OBS for reports or security, this will not be a viable solution.

In MUX there is a possibility to have different default settings on different Blueprints which may resolve the Investment Department. But as for resources, you may be able to add field level security and have only certain groups see/maintain the field.