Export to CSV in Audit Trail Tab of Project doesn't work
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Export to CSV in Audit Trail Tab of Project doesn't work


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Clarity PPM SaaS


1. Login to a clarity system where you have atleast 500K records in cmn_audits for object_code Project, Idea or other investments.
2. Navigate to Modern UX.
3. Make a copy of the Project Blueprint and add Audit Module to it.
4. take a project with audit data and modify it's blueprint to the new blueprint that was created in step 3.
5. navigate to Audit Module, select the change date filter and select 180 days.
6. We observe that about 100 records are filtered for this project instance.
7. Click on Export to CSV

Expected Results :- Export to CSV completes successfully.
Actual Results :- Export to CSV doesn't complete and user receives a Job Failed email.


Release : 16.1.2


Export Job Failed: Export failed. Records to be exported exceeds the limit of 250000


Engineering is reviewing this as DE71324

Additional Information

Workaround :- 
1. Navigate to Administration -> Audit. 
2. Add Object and Record ID to the filters. Select the object as "project" and Record ID as the "Project Code". 
3. Export to CSV