SRSRTCPT execution of SRS8TCPT ended with S0C7
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SRSRTCPT execution of SRS8TCPT ended with S0C7


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Smart Restart


The Smart/RESTART Compile job SRSBTCPT ran successfully but the test job SRSRTCPT ended with S0C7.


This purpose of this job is to demonstrate a manual recovery/restart process and prove  that it works on a newly installed system.

The hlq.CRAIJCL(SRSRTCPT) member contains the following note:

//*        Step 1: Run sample COBOL program SRS8TCPT                   
//* Note:  The original or initial run of program SRS8TCPT should      
//*        complete with system abend 0C7.  Please note, that the      
//*        TSO Terminal Monitor Program IKJEFT1B may mask this         
//*        completion code with system abend 04C.                      
//*        Change CLEAR_CKPT(BEFORE) to CLEAR_CKPT(AFTER) and re-submit
//*        this jobstep to RESTART the failing Unit of Work.           
//*        The RESTART run should complete with return code 0.         

Modify CLEAR_CKPT(BEFORE) to CLEAR_CKPT(AFTER) and resubmit the job ?

During the resubmit with CLEAR_CKPT(AFTER), processing will resume where it left off and should then complete normally. 

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Verify Smart/RESTART Operation