Applying test PTFs
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Applying test PTFs


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Clients should take care when applying test PTFs to IDMS. Test PTFs are those with a "T" in the second character position of the name, e.g. LT04228.


Release: All supported releases.


Test PTFs are not always guaranteed to end up being published, and therefore it is possible that it may eventually be necessary to remove (RESTORE) them. This is particularly possible for test PTFs that are diagnostic in nature.

PTFs are module replacements which means that from an SMP/E perspective, they can become heavily dependent on each other. They do not have to modify the same code, they just need to be replacing the same module to become dependent.


When applying a test PTF, be sure to be prepared for the eventuality that it may need to be RESTOREd. If care is not taken, it may be necessary to RESTORE many more PTFs and then apply them again.

One option is to, before applying the test PTF, ACCEPT all of the PTFs which replace any of the modules that the test PTF replaces. This means it should be easy to RESTORE it. (Guidellines on how to use this method can be found at How to identify all the PTFs to be restored for one specific PTF to be restored.)

If an ACCEPT is not desirable, consider taking a back-up of the entire SMP/E environment (the CSI and all the libraries under its control) before APPLYing the PTF. The PTF can then be backed out by restoring the back-up.