About CLI Passwords
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About CLI Passwords


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The following characters are used to perform actions in the CLI and must be handled differently than other special characters when using them in passwords in the CLI.


Special Character Action in CLI
! The exclamation mark specifies comments. 
; The semicolon separates commands.
? The question mark retrieves help for available commands.
" The double quotation mark, when supplied at the start of a value, encloses the rest of the value up to the next double quote of newline. 
\ The backslash escapes a single special character.
  A blank space separate tokens (words) within a command.
$ The $ is utilized in COE, therefore must be escaped with a \

When including these special characters in your passwords, you must do one of the following: 

  • Enter the password at the prompt (as opposed to inline). For further information, see the examples below.
  • When typing the password inline, use the backslash character (\ ) to escape a single character.
  • When typing the password inline, surround the password in double quotes ("" ).

If there are any double quotes (" ) or backslashes (\ ) in the password, each of those characters must be escaped individually with the backslash character (\ ). 


(config-licensing)# load username <USERNAME> password <PASSWORD>

At the Prompt
(config-licensing)# load username <USERNAME> password

Value for 'password' (<valid password to authenticate to download site>): *************