Idea to Project conversion: Financial Plans do not get copied over if access is provided via an OBS
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Idea to Project conversion: Financial Plans do not get copied over if access is provided via an OBS


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Steps to reproduce are as below:
1. Please make sure that there is an OBS which is associated with Projects, Ideas, and which is being used for access rights. This setup can be done by navigating to Administration -> OBS
2. Note that the behaviour is reproducible in both Modern and Classic
3. Create a user with the following access rights
a. Provide instance rights on at least one template, and one object instance
-- Instance Rights --
Idea - Manager (Auto)
Idea - View
Project - Manager (Auto)
Project - View
Project - View All Fields
-- Instance Rights --
b. Lets assume that OBS rights are being given to /Root0/Child0
-- OBS Rights --
Idea - Benefit Plan - Edit
Idea - Budget Plan - Approve
Idea - Budget Plan - Edit
Idea - Cost Plan - Edit
Project - Benefit Plan - Edit
Project - Budget Plan - Approve
Project - Budget Plan - Edit
Project - Cost Plan - Edit
Project - Financial Plan - Submit for Approval
-- OBS Rights -- 
-- Global Rights --
Classic PPM - Navigate
Idea Management - Navigate
Ideas - Create from Template
Ideas - Navigate
Project - Create from Template
Project Management - Navigate
Projects - Navigate
-- Global Rights --
4. Create an idea from template in the Modern UX
5. Populate the Idea's OBS attribute with "/Root0/Child0"
6. Create a cost plan in this Idea. Create a Benefit Plan. Approve a Budget Plan
7. Submit the idea for approval. Approve the idea
8. Convert the idea to project:
  b. Copy Financials = Yes
  c. Copy Team = Yes
9. Choose a project template while converting. Make sure that the OBS attribute is visible in this screen. Choose "/Root0/Child0" against the OBS attribute
Expected Results: A project gets created successfully and that the Cost and Benefit Plans get copied over into it.
Actual Results: Financial Plans do not get copied over into the project.


Version: 16.1.2




DE71103 is fixed in version 16.2.0.