Gen 8.6 HE PTF install actions
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Gen 8.6 HE PTF install actions


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Gen - Host Encyclopedia Gen


What are the things to consider while installing PTFs for GEN Host Encyclopedia ?


Component : GEN -Host Encyclopedia

Release : 8.6 


  1. Apply the PTFs to the Gen CSI environment which includes all the Gen datasets allocated to the Target.
    This means the CSI should have a CEHBCLS0 dataset (the name may have changed but CEHBCLS0 is the default/expected name) that contains all the clists provided by Gen when it was installed, including TIUGLOB.
    These Gen Target datasets would have been deployed once the original HE installation was complete and need to be re-deployed after every PTF/group of PTFs has been applied. The HE would have been configured off the Deploy datasets.
    During the apply, SMP/E will add the TIBXXXXX BIND clist to the CSI Target clist dataset.

  2. After the PTFs are applied, re-deploy the contents of the Target datasets to the Deploy datasets. This will copy all the members from the CSI Target datasets to the Deploy datasets (an exact copy of the Target). Before each Deployment, make sure to have a backup of any previous configurations so a re-do (merge) can be done if a PTF changes something that has been customi\zed (clist, user exit etc). 
    Using the Deploy datasets execute the TIBXXXXX BIND clist as described by the PTF HOLDDATA.