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Description of how Pending Estimates work in OWB/MSP and CA PPM


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The following list explains how Pending Estimates work in Microsoft® Project (MSP), OWB and CA PPM.


  • Pending Estimates are exported to assignments in MSP in the 'Number1' field. To see this, the Number1 field needs to be added to the Task Usage view.
  • Pending Estimates are exported as 0 when a team member estimate has not been provided (e.g., on Timesheets)
  • Pending Estimates cannot be changed by the project manager on a tracked assignment except in the case below; note that this statement is true regardless of whether MSP, Open Workbench (OWB) or any other (XOG for example) approach is used.
  • Pending Estimates are only imported from MSP when set to -1; this feature can be used to eliminate a team member estimate, such as to approve it (i.e., the manager has modified the estimate in the plan to match) or reject it (the plan was not modified).
  • Once a project manager changes the pending estimate to -1 in MSP and saves the plan, the team member will again see the project manager's estimate, and not their own (their own will have been deleted).
  • Open Workbench (OWB) works the same, except that there is a menu choice to clear the pending estimate (with an option to simultaneously copy it over to the real estimate and thereby "approve" it).
  • On an assignment, if Pending Esitmates are not tracked, any value is saved; note that -1 is saved back as null

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