Need bulk changes job/scripts etc
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Need bulk changes job/scripts etc


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


How to make bulk changes to Jobs/Process flows in order to upgrade to the latest Applications Manager version?



Release: 9.x


The BULK_CHANGES Job allows you to make bulk changes to a characteristic of Jobs and Process Flows without having to edit a huge number of objects or write custom SQL statements.

Characteristics you can change include:

  • Applications
  • Agents/Agent Groups
  • Queues
  • Output functions
  • Output Devices
  • Notifications
  • Output Scans
  • Environment Variables

Example Uses:

Bulk Change might be needed to run if:

  • You want to change an Application name by creating a new one, reassigning Jobs and Process Flows to it, and deleting the old Application.
  • You have two objects defined for the same purpose, and you want to reassign Job and Process Flows to one and delete the other. Sometimes two people create objects for the same purpose. For example, two developers might create Notifications with nearly the same definition when only one is necessary.
  • Too many Queues are defined. Sometimes people define too many Queues unnecessarily. Defining multiple Queues with the same settings doesn't serve any beneficial purpose and can slow down the time it takes for the Automation Engine to scan them.
  • The LOG output function is assigned as some Jobs, but the Output window isn't being used, so you want to change the output function of those Jobs to STORE. When LOG is set, report files will be listed by default in the Output window. Applications Manager loads all application output or report files for viewing in the Output window for tasks with a LOG output function every time you log into the client. This can take several seconds or minutes. If more than 500 files are loaded, an alert will be displayed. Therefore, if no users view output from the Output window (that is, they view output from History instead of the Output window, or output is emailed to them), you should use the STORE setting.


Before requesting the BULK_CHANGES Job, you must first import it into Applications Manager. The BULK_CHANGES Job is found in the aw_bulk_changes import file. For information on running Applications Manager imports, see the chapter Exporting and Importing Objects.


To run the change Job/Process Flow characteristic with the BULK_CHANGES Job:

  1. Request the BULK_CHANGES Job.
  2. Use the Select buttons to pick the characteristics from any of the first eight prompts that you wish to "change from" for one or more Jobs and/or Process Flows.\
  3. Use the Select button in the 'Jobs to be changed' prompt to pick the Jobs and Process Flows you want to change.
  4. Use the Select buttons to pick the characteristics from any of the final eight prompts that you wish to "change to" for one or more Jobs and/or Process Flows.
  5. Submit the BULK_CHANGES Job.
  6. When the BULK_CHANGES finishes, the Job/Process Flow definitions will be updated.