"Security error" code 33 (XCM7050) for no auth XCOM AS400 TCP/IP
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"Security error" code 33 (XCM7050) for no auth XCOM AS400 TCP/IP


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XCOM Data Transport


Existing file transfers to AS400 using SNA are not performing any user authentication. Initially need to convert these to use TCP/IP and want this to work in the same way i.e. no user authentication.
At the moment XCOM on the AS400 is attempting to authenticate the z/OS transfer userid that is being passed and is therefore failing with "Security error" code 33.
Return code 33      Security error                                            

 Completion msg id   XCM7809             Completion state    Failed            

 Remote message text                                                                                                          

 Remote system         xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx                                            

 Protocol              TCP/IP            Remote XCOM version 2                 

 JES destination                         Intermediate system                   

 Transfer request      366858            Restart             No                

 Internal transfer no. 262819            Transfer identifier USER1

 Transfer type         Sendfile          Transfer user data                    

 Transfer direction    Inbound           System user data                      

 Initiation mode       Target            Group name          Z4XCOM            

 Execution mode        Evoked            Code Table                            

 Exec job number 414255  Exec job user XCOM        Exec job name    TCP4S08044 

Job log shows:
XCM7050    Information             00   11/07/23  15:51:20.252981  XCOMMSG3     XCOM2       0048     XCOMSCL     XCOM2       0029
                                     Message . . . . :   Error while checking password for user USER1.
                                     Error while attempting to change profile running this job. CPF2204 User
                                       profile USER1 not found.


  • Per the XCOM for AS400 documentation page: Review the Security Considerations.
    Set up a new user profile TESTXCOM with authority *EXCLUDE for IBM programs QWTSETP, QSYGETPH, and QSYRLSPH to prevent any authentication of the transfer userid/password i.e. the transfer will run under the user profile TESTXCOM.

  • Started an XCOM IPv4 TCP/IP listener on port 8049 with user TESTXCOM.

  • Verified that a loopback transfer using no transfer userid encountered no errors i.e. the transfer runs successfully under user profile TESTXCOM.

  • The test from z/OS to AS400 was also then successful and the security error 33 was resolved.

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