Return code -1 for Address OPER command
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Return code -1 for Address OPER command


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


When issuing an Address OPER command, we received a RC = -1. We're trying to figure out what cause the process to error out as a RC -1 is not documented.

23JUN 02:44:01 OPMOSF   OPM0997T *-* 92:  Address 'OPER' "C(D TCPIP,,NETSTAT,DEV) CMDWAIT(60) CMDECHO(NO)"

23JUN 02:44:01 OPMOSF   OPM0997T +++     RC(-1)


Release : 14.0


OPS/MVS code does not issue a RC=-1, and that it is most likely an environmental condition that caused it.   In the event this occurs again in the future it is recommended that you modify the REXX to add a check immediately following the ADDRESS OPER command that does the NETSTAT,DEV that reads the EDQ and checks for when a RC NE 0, and in that instance display a message.