SCM 14.5 ODBC module did not install on Linux
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SCM 14.5 ODBC module did not install on Linux


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CA Harvest Software Change Manager


We followed the instructions in the documentation to install the ODBC software module, the files were never copied to the $ODBC_HOME folder.


Release : 14.5.0


The procedure for installing the ODBC component for Harvest 14.5 has changed.  With previous versions you unzipped the odbc.tar.gz into a separate folder location and installed from there into your desired $ODBC_HOME location.  With SCM 14.5 you will unzip into your desired $ODBC_HOME location and ensure before executing the script that $ODBC_HOME and $ORACLE_HOME environment variables are set correctly.  The installation documentation for SCM 14.5 has been updated to reflect this change.

Install DataDirect ODBC