PAMSC - Failed to load the seos kernel modules on a supported linux release
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PAMSC - Failed to load the seos kernel modules on a supported linux release


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CA Privileged Access Manager - Server Control (PAMSC)


# seload

CA ControlMinder seload v12.81.0.4287 - Loader Utility       

Copyright (c) 2013 CA. All rights reserved.

SEOS_load: Executing un/load exit file,  /opt/CA/AccessControl/exits/LOAD/SEOS_load_int.always -pre

/opt/CA/AccessControl/bin/SEOS_load: line 704: echo: write error: Invalid argument


seos; resolved symbols:

Symbol                    Value               Status


sys_call_table            0xffffffffa8416580  done

do_execve                 0xffffffffa729cf90  done

_do_fork                  0xffffffffa7098e40  done

getname_kernel            0xffffffffa72a4f40  done

lookup_address            0xffffffffa70801c0  done

randomize_va_space        0xffffffffa8648ed8  done

sys_ni_syscall            0xffffffffa70be7e0  done

ia32_sys_call_table       0xffffffffa84179c0  done

tasklist_lock             0xffffffffa8405080  done

clflush_cache_range       0xffffffffa707ef00  done

cpa_lock                  0xffffffffa896fe48  done

find_task_by_pid_ns       0xffffffffa70bb430  done

flush_tlb_all             0xffffffffa7085be0  done

getname_flags             0xffffffffa72a50b0  done

do_execveat               0xffffffffa729cfc0  done

do_execveat_common.isra.31  0x0  init

SEOS_load: Executing un/load exit file,  /opt/CA/AccessControl/exits/LOAD/SEOS_load_int.always -post

SEOS_load: SEOS_syscall WASN'T loaded



Release : 14.1


After a Linux release the OS vendor will continue to upgrade the kernel and sometimes add new features or make a material change to the kernel. Because of this the seos kernel module may fail to load due to an unresolved entry.. in this case " do_execveat_common.isra.31  0x0  init"




If this is a new Linux Release then you may need to wait for this to be certified. If this is a kernel update on a a currently certified release then a ticket should be opened with support to have L2 development perform an update.