Enhanced Version of DB2 DDL for Web Viewer 14.0
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Enhanced Version of DB2 DDL for Web Viewer 14.0


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We tried to get the DDL for the View product to work, but we keep running into definition errors. The DDL that comes in OEM.BC.VIEW.R140.RT1.CVDEOPTN(CAHVDDDL) is too
incomplete. We have to provide our own Database and Tablespace names.

There are also 9 places in the DDL where we have to decide whether or not to create indexes or LOB Tables or Auxiliary Tables. We do not have enough familiarity with the application to make such decisions.


Release : 14.0

Web Viewer


DB2 database



A modified version of the DDL template has been attached to this article

With this sample the only things you need to customize are:

1. A schema name unique in your environment - we use CV_MASTER by default.

2. A storage group name and the VCAT catalog name that should be used.

3. A database name.

Everything else is pre-defined. You should be able to feed the customized DDL into SPUFI or the DB2 Tools Interactive SQL facility.


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