DLP Endpoint Agent Quick Install Guide
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DLP Endpoint Agent Quick Install Guide


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This is a Quick Install guide for the Data Loss Prevention Endpoint Agent.

For the full "DLP Quick Install Guide" please visit the following link: DLP Quick Install Guides





Endpoint Agents are one of the core components for Data Loss Prevention.


Please note that the following instructions are version agnostic, and can generally be used on any currently supported version. As such you will find several variables denoted such as "<DLPversion>" to indicate where a version number "should" be used. You will need to replace these variables with the appropriate version that you are attempting to use. Below are a few examples of such translations...

<DLPversion>  = 15.8, 16.0, 16.0.1 or 16.0.2
<DLPfullversion>  = 16.0.10000.60631
<ORACLEversion>  = 193000 or
<JREversion> = jdk8u322-b06 or 8u322b06


Download Installers: https://support.broadcom.com/group/ecx/productdownloads?subfamily=Data%20Loss%20Prevention
Agent File: Symantec_DLP_<DLPversion>_<MP>_Agent_Win-IN.zip

Configure the Agent package for distribution:
    1 - Access the DLP Web Interface
          - open a browser and go to the localhost        
          - The default user is "Administrator", use the password previously specified during the Enforce installation process        
               User: Administrator
               Pass: <your password>
     2 - Open the Agent Packaging 

   3  - Enter in the package information:
     4 - Choose the installer package you wish to build out for distribution.
          Endpoint Server Host: IP Address of your Endpoint server
          Port: 10443 (default)
          Tools Password: <Your Password>
               - The Tools password is critical for managing the agents.

     5 - Copy the package to the Agent Machine
          - Run the Agent Installer
               - Open CMD (Administrator)
               - CD to the Agent Installer location
               - Run the "install_agent.bat" to install the agent
               - Make sure the EDPA Service is up and running.
               - Check the Enforce Console to confirm the agent is reporting in
                    System > Agents > Overview

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