Getting Error "Refused by agent security"
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Getting Error "Refused by agent security"


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CA Workload Automation DE


We are working on migrating jobs from one machine/agent to another machine/agent. While trying to run a job on newly configured server, we are getting an Error: "Refused by agent security"

These errors did not exist on the old agent machine. But, they're appearing on the new agent machine. 




Release : WA SystemAgent 12.1


Check the old and new server's agentparm.txt to see how it's security.level setting is configured. 

If the old server set to security.level=off

And if the new server is configured with security.level=on

Then changing the new server's configuration to be the same as the old server (security.level=off) and restarting the agent should fix issue.


Only make this change IF it was okay that the old agent was configured with security.level=off and IF there is no new reason for why security.level must be enabled on the new agent. Please see here for more details regarding this configuration setting: Setting Up Local Security on the Agent