Prevent Endevor Batch panel job card information being shared between LPARS
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Prevent Endevor Batch panel job card information being shared between LPARS


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Testing a new version of Endevor on a second separate LPAR. The 2 LPARs are in the same sysplex and share DASD.

The problem is the Job card (Job Statement information) on the Batch Options menu is also being shared. This is a problem because the jobs need to be submitted with different parameters depending on the site.

The Batch submit panel on the test LPAR sometimes use the job card information from Production and  also noticed a couple of times that test job card information has appeared pre-filled in Production. 

Is there a way to prevent the job cards information from being shared between the 2 Endevors? 


Release : All supported versions


The Job card and other Endevor session information such as last Environment, System, Subsystem, CCID, and Comment used is stored in the Endevor ISPF profile members in the user's ISPF.ISPPROF library.   The default prefix of the Endevor profile members is CTLI. 
The actual name of the profile members is controlled by the APPL or NEWAPPL parm in the Endevor logon procedure:
The APPL value is the prefix used for the various Endevor profile members :   CTLIEDIT, CTLIEDRT, CTLIPROF
If a different set of variables is needed for the test or second instance of Endevor, then a different set of profile members is required.
In the logon procedure for the test Endevor, specify a different APPL(CTLx)  value -   like CTLT or CTLX   
The first time the user accesses the test Endevor with the new logon APPL value, Endevor will create new  CTLx members in each user's ISPF.ISPSPROF library using the ISPF defaults specified in the ENDICNFG .  After that first initial use with the new  APPL, Endevor uses the new ISPF profile members in the test Endevor instance for populating Endevor session information like Environment, System, Subsystem, CCID, Comment, and the job card information.
If setting up a new test APPL, need to create a new Endevor Commands table member for the new APPL value by making a copy of the CTLICMDS member in the CSIQTENU library with the new APPL name in the same CSIQTENU library -  for example, CTLTCMDS or CTLXCMDS.